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Is it possible to make $9,815/Month working Part-Time
Cheating at poker?

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Cheat at Poker

Yes, it is possible to make over $9,815 working part time playing poker online. Welcome to the official cheat at poker review web site for all texas hold em online poker cheating software programs, strategy guides, and poker bots.

Here you'll find a complete list of all the cheat at poker systems and bots along with reviews, ratings, and rankings. Every time a new cheat or poker system comes out, we buy it, test it, and post our feedback on this web site.

Our mission is to provide you with evaluations, reviews, and rankings on every cheat at poker system and poker bot on the market. Before you read our reviews visit the "View Opponents Cards" section to find out more about this latest scam. We do not charge any fees for our services so please donate money and help support our web site!


#1. Hold 'em Secrets ( Rating: 10/10

Summary: A new poker cheating program for online Texas Hold em. Uses an interesting strategy to give you an advantage. It cannot get much simpler than this. A true cheat.

Our Comments: This brand new program is our top choice for cheat at poker programs. It gave us a strategy to win a lot of money using a secret algorithm that the author developed.

Results: Winnings for all of us are over $3,000 a week. We recommend getting this program right away because I'm sure the online poker rooms will catch on fast and ban it. Fully working as of:

Our Rating: 10/10


#2. Calculate em ( Rating: 6.5/10

Summary: Expensive! Definitely for the more honest player, this odds calculator helps you calculate the possible outcomes of the hand you are holding.

Our Comments: Calculatem Pro has nice graphic interface and complete with every tool you need to calculate your odds while playing online texas hold em.

Results: During our testing phase, I made $124 in a week while Jennifer made only $43. Timothy actually lost $24. These results were typical with any odds calculator, our increased ratings are derived from the option for honest play and the user interface.

Our Rating: 6.5/10

#3. Poker Crusher ( Rating: 5/10

Summary: Confusing to use. Give you statistics of players at your table so that you can tell if they play tight, lose, etc. Gives some valuable information, but not nearly good as the other programs.

Our Comments: It takes an experienced computer user to use this program. Some of the information is good, but it does not allow you to cheat. The databases are also not up to date so you might be playing with invalid information. Our advice is to shy away from texas hold em programs like these and focus more on programs that will let you cheat.

Results: Results were not that good. We all ended up losing money, $-120, $-133, and $-14. Lesson learned, not all cheat at poker programs are created equal..

Our Rating: 5/10


Who we are, Our History

Hello my name is Eric and I designed and maintain the web site. This is how it all got started: Two of my friends, Timothy, Jennifer, and myself were very interested in online poker once we saw the commercials on tv so we decided to start playing. We would win some here and there but mostly lose. One day Timothy told me of a cheat at poker site he had visited online. I was very skeptical at first but took a look and thought is was interesting. Timothy decided to purchase the system and give it a try. Turns out that the cheat at poker system was just a scam, as most are online. After being disappointed with the system, we all got together and Timothy told us how much it sucked to get scammed. Jen said, "I wish there was a web site which rated all of these cheat at texas hold em poker programs and poker bots so they can't rip people off!" That's when we all got together and decided to create and the rest is history.

The web site has been up and running for over 5 years now with a large online fan base and many success stories. We thank you all for your donations (which keep our site alive) and for your reviews of poker bots and cheat at poker systems. Please, keep contributing towards cheating at online poker. Use the information you find here to cheat at texas hold em online and make money. All we ask is that you contribute to our web site by either submitting a review of your own or donating (from your online poker winnings) to our web site.

Poker Software

Poker Software is the best way to go if you are looking to make major money by cheating at online poker. If you are going for honesty, Poker Software is not for you. If you are looking to steal money from other players and make a lot of money by playing texas hold em poker online, this is highly recommended. Poker software is definitely a method of Poker Cheats, as it enables you the cheat at online poker tables. This system of online texas hold em poker cheating comes with the most highest recommendations from both us as well as the online poker community. We go into much greater detail about cheating software packages on our main page complete with reviews, customer feedback, and rankings. Please visit our main page to view a full evaluation of all cheat at poker products and poker software. In the next paragraph, we will discuss the Poker bots.

Poker Bot

The last method of cheating at online poker that we will discuss is the poker bot. Unlike the poker software and poker cheats, the poker bot is a computer program that plays for you automatically in online poker rooms. This might sound a little risky as you are giving up control over your money to a computer, but the computer will make it's bets, calls, raises, and folds based on odds. And who better to calculate odds than a computer! This option is definitely for the more honest individuals who do not want to cheat their opponents out of money but at the same time prefer an edge up at online poker. The poker bot will play for you based on odds. Over the long term the it will turn out a good profit, but not nearly as much as Fulltilt Poker cheats or Fulltilt Poker software. Occasionally though, there have been problems associated with the Poker Bot. Sometimes, you can just get a streak of bad cards and there is nothing the poker bot can do to stop losing. This is why we recommend texas hold em poker cheating software for online texas hold em as our number one recommendation. Please follow the link to our main page where we will present you with an in depth breakdown of all Poker cheats, poker systems, and poker bots--fully evaluated with detailed reviews and rankings.

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